Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

He will love one of these Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him with Stone like Vintage Baseball Look, the perfect Christmas Baseball Gifts.  Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him with his Jersey Number, Name and/or the TEAM NAME typed into the text box templates on the product page.  Vintage Baseball Wall Decor, Cheap Baseball Gifts, Baseball Watches and more Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him and Her.  Change the iPhone 6 Baseball Cases into an older iPhone case or iPad cover under “Style Options”.

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Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

Baseball Gifts for Him

Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him, the perfect Baseball Christmas gifts.  This clock and our personalized baseball wallets are the most popular.   MONOGRAM it or JERSEY NUMBER or DELETE text altogether.  Baseball gifts that has an almost stone like appearance with beveled threads.  This design is on many other personalized sports gifts.

He will cherish one of these Personalized Baseball gifts for Him, the perfect gift for any occasion. DELETE any unwanted text or type in any text you desire.  As of today, the Baseball Clocks, Pillows and Wallets are our best sellers.  Fantastic vintage Baseball gifts for guys. How about baseball gifts for boyfriend for any special occasion?  We are thrilled with how much people love this very cool vintage baseball gifts design.

Who invented Baseball? See a little History of American Baseball, below.  SCROLL down for some really cool baseball gifts.  Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him, make a great Baseball Christmas Gifts for Him.

More Personalized Baseball Gifts by Little Linda Pinda Designs


New iPHONE 6 Baseball Cases

Available in Tough Extreme as shown, Tough and the light weight Barely There

Personalized Vintage Baseball Wall Decor for Kids and Men. Guys and Kids will enjoy the Rustic Dirty Baseball. It will be fun to see their Name and on the Vintage Baseball Clock and other gifts. Copper colored background with vintage baseball bursting out.  I personally LOVE this old vintage baseball design with a stone like look.  Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him, makes the perfect baseball Christmas gifts.

Vintage Baseball Throw Pillows

Baseball Throw Pillows that are Customized with Your Own JERSEY NUMBER or DELETE the number by Highlighting the “00” and Deleting it.  He will love his Baseball Room Decor for Boys Room or Man Cave.  The rustic feel will lend itself well for guys baseball decor.  Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him. There are so many cool Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him.  Vintage Baseball Throw Pillows, they are very popular and makes a perfect Baseball Christmas Gifts.


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Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

Baseball Wallet Leather with faux Vintage Baseball

Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him with Vintage Leather Baseball Wallet or no customization.  Some of the coolest  looking wallets that have some of the neatest lettering with a rustic look, makes the perfect Baseball gift.  Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him, the perfect Christmas Baseball Gifts.. Easy to use text box templates to type in YOUR TEXT or DELETE it. Guys will love these cool personalized baseball gifts for men. Lots of different styles and prices of these baseball wallets. No every style will fit all the designs the same.

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Vintage Basketball Cases – More Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him. Personalized Baseball Gift for Him, please visit our Sports Gifts Shop with amazing printing from world renown Zazzle and quality gifts.  The perfect gift for that very special baseball van.  Many of the products are Made in America.  Zazzle earned an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating because of their outstanding customer service, great products and amazingly clear vibrant printing.  Buy with Confidence.  Zazzle wants you to “LOVE IT” or you can Return it.  He will be so excited about one of these Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him.

Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

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Please let us know if you would like any changes made or special order requests.  We can put any of our designs on any Zazzle merchandise.

Our daughter Heidi gave us a lot of great input and creative ideas for designs and themes.  She is a new step mom of a great little guy who loves so many sports.  My new little grandson is 7 years old and also gives me great ideas and input.  I call him my consultant. He even designed his own Personalized sports shirt that we gave him for his birthday.  He loves the personalized sports gifts so much and is so proud to show his friends.

When was the First Baseball Game Played?
by wikipedia – American History of Baseball

Who invented Baseball? The British people or the American’s. I don’t think this debate will ever be solved. Here is a point of view from the Americans on a wikipedia article I found. Click the link to read the full article. I also included a video on another point of view. Where and When did baseball start?

According to the Wikipedia article, American Baseball History can be traced back as far as the eighteenth century. Informal makeshift rules were used with improvised equipment. It became so popular that a semipro national baseball club began in the 1860’s.

The earliest mention of the game was in Pittsfield, Massachusetts forbidding the game to be played with 80 yards of the town meeting house. I wonder if some windows were broken.

Some say that Baseball was born from a British gamed called Rounders. Baseball executive, Albert Spalding says it is fundamentally and American sport and it started on American soil. So who is correct?

After 3 years of researching and debating the matter, Abner Doubleday was declared the inventor of Baseball, by the American’s. It has become America’s national pastime sport. Baseball Historian, John Thorn, writes, that 15 years after Abner Doubleday died, he was anointed “Father of Baseball”.

Here is another Point of View on the History of Baseball
YouTube Video by: WriteMyFuture’s


Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him by Little Linda Pinda Designs

Baseball gifts for him, makes the perfect Baseball Christmas Gifts with his very own Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him.  Please take a look at our two personalized gifts shops. Quality Zazzle gifts for everyone. 100% LOVE IT Guarantee. Not even 1% of Zazzle’s products are ever returned. Better Business Bureau awarded Zazzle an A+ Rating. Check out Zazzle’s BBB Rating Here:

Baseball gifts for her, the perfect Christmas Baseball Gifts with her very own Personalized Baseball Gifts for Her. Mom and Dad, Men, Women, Children and Babies. Even Dog stuff. CLICK the First BASEBALL Stuff Category for more traditional Baseball Gifts. Click the rustic Vintage Baseball Gifts Category for the Vintage Style Custom and Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him.  The perfect gift idea for that very special person or Baseball Christmas Gifts for any occasion.


Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

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Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

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Vintage Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him are designed by Little Linda Pinda.

Thank you for stopping by to see our Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him.  Linda, my wife, will be happy to customize any design for you to make it just for you or a loved one.  We can put any of the designs on any Zazzle product too.

Here is another quick video of Matching Father and Son Shirts with Baseball Design. It is only 1 minute and 24 seconds long and is fun to watch. Here is the link to view the gifts at my wife’s Zazzle Shop: CLICK HERE for Dad and Son Matching Baseball Shirts


Personalized Baseball Gifts for Him

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