Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball Gifts. Change any baseball phone to the Newest and Older Baseball iPhone Cases, Samsung Galaxy Baseball Case. Select the amount of protection, too.  Many older to the very latest and greatest baseball Phone cases.  Baseball gift ideas for baseball lovers and fans. Choose from several styles of iPhone cases, Baseball iPad Cases, Galaxy baseball phone cases or one of several other case styles for guys.  Customizable Vintage Baseball gifts for that very special person, makes the perfect gift for any occasion.                                                                               

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Baseball Phone Cases
















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We are honored to say that a Professional Baseball Player owns our unique original designed baseball blanket. It has a Very cool and rustic looking old vintage baseball fleece blanket. If you are searching for a unique iPhone Baseball Cases or choose a different device, these are it, they are so cool.  Baseball Gifts Ideas for Baseball Players, Fans and Baseball Lovers. They will love one of these Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect baseball player gift ideas.




























XTreme Tough Baseball iPhone 6 Case or Select a Different Case

































The iPhone cases are awesome and Available in the older iPhone case styles to the newest iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases, iPad and more. Click on each Baseball Phone Case then scroll down on the right to choose from several different phone brand case and other gadget cases.  Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball Gifts.

































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Baseball iPhone Cases from the NEWEST to some older iPhone cases + Galaxy and more

































































































































GALAXY S5 Baseball Phone or Choose one of the many iPhone Baseball Cases

































































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Awesome iPhones, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Baseball Cases plus other device cases are available for every design. please contact us and will make changes for you or put the design on something else Zazzle offers. We can make the background and text representing Your TEAM COLORS or favorite colors. Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball gift.

































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Baseball Phone Cases

































Baseball iPhone Cases

































Choose from Many quality Name Brand Phone Cases for older and newest iPhones, old and newest Samsung Galaxy, iPad Cases and more. People love the Xtreme Tough iPhone Cases for Baseball or any sport or occasion. Have it Personalized or Delete any or all of the text in the template text boxes to the right of each baseball phone case. Baseball Gift ideas that they will cherish for any occasion.  Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases and other device cases, makes the perfect gift. We’ll change any parts of the design or help you to customize it.   Call Linda or Rod: 239-949-9090.

































How to Change Phone and Device Case Styles for a different type of device:

































On the Baseball Phone Case Zazzle Product Page:

To your Right, Scroll Down to “Style Options”

CLICK the Drop Down Box under “Form Factor” to Select a different device or phone case.

Under “Style” Choose the style of Case, such as “Barely There” or “Tough” etc…

































Baseball iPhone Cases

































Unique Baseball Phone Cases or Change to Other Device Covers

































Really cool Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases.  Has a unique Vintage look like old dirty baseball phone cases, which are originally designed by my wife, Linda from Little Linda Pinda. When she completed this design, she knew it would be a hit. Men and boys love the grunge baseball with the grunge font. Neutral tones are great gifts for baseball players, lovers and baseball fans.  The iPhone case is Breathtaking, makes the perfect Baseball Gifts for baseball lovers.

































Top Quality and Name Brand Custom Baseball Phone Cases and Baseball iPad Cases shown in this article can be CHANGED to iPhone 3 to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, many Samsung Galaxy Cases, iPad Air and older iPad Cases and a few other device cases. Look under “Style Options” to see all available Phone and Device Cases offered with these vintage baseball designs.  Some of the coolest Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases.

































If you don’t see it here, I can place this design on ANY Zazzle merchandise offered. Many of the cases are also available in the Tough, Barely There and XTreme Tough, military grade protection, iPhone cases.  Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect baseball gift for any occasion.

































Baseball iPhone 6 Plus Case turned int0 iPad Air Case or Samsung Galaxy

































They will love one of these really cool Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, this is what it looks like when you change the Baseball iPhone 6 Case and select a Baseball iPad Case instead. Look to the lower right of each product under “Style Options” to see the many different device cases to choose from.

































Baseball Phone Cases

























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Customizable Vintage Baseball Phone Cases from several different device cases under “OPTIONS” in the lower right of the baseball phone cases. If you see a baseball phone case you like but it is not on the particular case you need, we can make it for you. No extra charges for custom orders.  Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Case, makes the perfect gift for or any occasion.

































Baseball iPhone 6 Plus Cases or Change Style

































Baseball iPhone cases which are available in iPhone 3 to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many iPad and iPad Air Cases and Galaxy Cases as well. Click on ANY of these cases and turn it into a totally different device case. The perfect Christmas Baseball gift ideas that they will love and cherish. Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases. I was so excited to find out that a Pro Baseball Player now owns this original design on a blanket.  Some of the coolest Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball Gifts.

































































* NOTE: Turn all of these Baseball Cases into an OLDER iPhone Case, iPad Cases, Galaxy and more.

































































Our TOP Selling Tough Xtreme Baseball iPhone 6 Case

































Some of the coolest Baseball Gifts that are Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball Phone case. If you are looking for Military Grade Protection with screen protector and all ports are covered, then this is it. The 3 layers of protection and built in screen by Case-Mate device cases has proven itself in testing to be extra strong and durable. This particular case has been created for the iPhone 6 phone which has the 4.7 inch screen. They will love one of these really cool Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, make the perfect gift.

































Easily choose a different case by looking under the “Style Options” area on your lower right on the product page. This is an original design that has been really popular. We are thrilled that you love our design and thrilled that you are helping us build our small design business on Zazzle products.  Awesome and really cool Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases. 

































Thank you for checking out our Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases store. Feel free to call us for help or if you would like us to make any changes to any of the designs or help you customize it. The Font sizes can be changed, colors, placement, etc…, or maybe you might need someone to walk you through the changes or just have me make it for you.

































The built-in screen protection will prevent cracking and scratches. For added grip, they’ve texturized the exterior. All ports, sensors and controls are protected and covered. The spec tested Military grade protection against typical rain conditions, dropping and vibrations that occur with a fall, dust and sand. Shock absorbing PolyCore exterior created with a DouFlex lining. Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases, makes the perfect Baseball gift ideas for anyone.

































Once you Click on the product LINK, you can Change the baseball phone case style under “Options” which is on your right side of the Baseball cPhone cases. We bought our grandson the Tough Xtreme Phone Case and he loves it. My daughter said it is holding up really well.

































































We have lots and lots of faux Vintage personalized baseball stuff for boys and men. I can CHANGE any design for you, add your team colors, etc… CALL Rodney or Linda at: 239-949-9090.

































































CASE-MATE Device Cases

































Click on any of these baseball phone cases and then CHANGE to a different brand of device case. Most of these cases are available for iPhone 3 through 6’s, Galaxy Cases, iPad Cases and a few other unique baseball phone cases. These dirty old baseball phone cases are great gifts for baseball players, coaches and fans. Designed for men, boys and guys who love the game. They will love one of these Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases.

Feel secure that Zazzle is a reputable company. They’ve earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. I check some companies out on the before hiring them do work on my home. Thankfully, I found out that one company was rated an “F” and had complaints that they were overselling to people, products and services people didn’t need, especially targeting older people. They call the Internet the Wild West filed with scams, hackers and frauds.

I wish I would have checked out an Internet “Guru” too. He had an F rating. I wanted so much to work from home that I paid lots of money to a scammer. I heard he ended up getting sued by lots of people. So, the moral of this example, is know who you are dealing with, especially Internet stores and websites.

































































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Interesting Baseball Facts

































A Baseball Game consists of two teams. One is referred to as the “Batting Team” and the opposing team is called the “Fielding Team”.

































The Fielding Team consists of Nine Players on the field at one time.

































Catcher: who’s position is behind home plate

































Pitcher: who is located on the Pitcher’s Mound.

































First Baseman: Plays to the right of first base, back slightly. The Second Baseman is positioned to the left of second base, also slightly back from the actual base. The Third Baseman’s position is to the left of third base, slightly back.

































Short Stop: Positions himself between second and third base a little deeper than the third baseman.

































Left Fielder: changes his position according to who is batting, whether he is a left or right handed batter. He may go farther to the right or left.

































Center Fielder: Position themselves according the the batter.

































Right Fielder: Positions himself according to who is currently batting.

































The Batting Team

































The best hitters are typically first in line up for batting determined by the batting coach and according to each player’s ability. The batting team bats until they get three outs.

































Each Batter is allowed either 3 Strikes or 4 Balls.

































Once the batting team get three outs, they switch positions with the fielding team, thus becoming the fielding team themselves.

































If you need some motivation to get started in baseball or renew your baseball spirit, I found a fantastic motivational video. You can see it on our site HERE:

































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Can you imagine this design on other Zazzle merchandise? Call Linda and I will put this or any of my other designs on any product from Zazzle.  Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases. Great gift ideas for baseball lovers and those that love the rustic dirty old baseball look.

































Customizable Vintage Baseball iPhone Cases Quality Name Brand Custom Phone Cases with the most Amazing Robotic Printing Process by Zazzle. 100% LOVE IT Guarantee, No Questions Asked. Zazzle’s impressive quality control team helps catch problems, such as a customer forgetting to type into a text box or missing a template. This is why Zazzle can boast of Less than 1% of products are ever returned.

































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Here is another one of our articles featuring Baseball Ornaments:   Baseball Ornaments make Great Personalized Baseball Gifts for Players and Teams

































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Baseball Throw Pillows

































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